Experience serves as a voice for this hustlers movement we call hip hop and aims to bridge the gap between upcoming artists and the industry. 

The Hip Hop Experience aims to shine the light on upcoming talents. With this show, Homegrown Radio aims to create a narrative that upcoming artists are just as capable as the already established artists, and that given the right exposure, upcoming artists can also take their place amongst the greatest in the game.

By playing the dopest tracks, having the hottest chats, and being kept up to date with the latest hip hop news on the net, this weekly show will expose hip hop fans to a different way of thinking. The Hip Hop Experience is set to entertain, educate and create awareness in the hip hop community in a way that the listeners can relate. 

The Hip Hop Experience gains its relevance by keeping a close ear to the streets, making sure we cater to your musical needs. The Hip Hop Experience will provide a platform for the hip hop community to have much needed discussions, making sure the right conversations are had, conversations that will shift the culture forward, allowing it to grow and evolve.

The Hip Hop Experience is an all new, exciting, vibrant hip hop show broadcasting live on Homegrown Radio. Fresh out the box and ready to rock, this show will remind you exactly why the hip hop community stays winning. 

Broadcasting live from the Homegrown afarm, The Hip Hop Experience is set to take you on a musical journey around the world. Join us every Monday-Thursday 4-5pm as we breakdown all things hip hop. 

The Hip Hop Experience. Experience Hip Hop like never before!

The Hip Hop Experience – Highlights

The Hip Hop Experience with BK Mzolo and Toby