Powerhouse with Pearl Afrika

The Powerhouse is a radio show that aims to create a platform to celebrate people and brands that have put in the work .We celebrate them as Powerhouses.

Our aim is to bring to the forefront African Icons & Recognised Brands in any industry,that are unique and authentically African.

First half of the show is a profile of the guest, history, motivations and current work. If a musician we playlist their music.

Second half of the show is a music mix if our guest is a DJ, we will feature their guest mix, alternatively a resident mix.

The Powerhouse is one hour of great energy and inspiration enjoying and celebrating our African Talent and Powerhouses.

Hosted by Pearl Afrika every Friday 4pm-5pm on Homegrown Radio

Countdown Hits

Introduction of The Powerhouse and Counting down Trending Hits 

Guests: Shaik Omar

Clips teasing on Nameless & Wahu Interview 

Featuring Shaik Omar about his latest single featuring N’veigh

Guests: LaliBoi, Speedy,

DJ Dee Bond Mix

Featuring Speedy from Bongo Maffin and LaliBoi Xhosa Rapper

Mixes by Dee Bond Botswana born House DJ

Guest:Veezo View 

Pearl Afrika Mix

Currently Number 1 Rapper in Botswana, Award Winning

Veezo View

Guests: Nameless & Wahu Kenya


Award Winning Couple from Kenya Nameless & Wahu 

speak on Love and Relationships Behind the Scenes of  creating ‘This Love’ their latest single

Guest: Lizole Joka Artist Manager

Pearl Afrika Mix

Speaking on issues of Brand managent & Talent Management with 

Lizole Joka

Guest: Soul Majestik Mix

Pearl Afrika Mix

Featuring a live music mix by 3 piece house band Soul Majestik