Let us promote your business

Through meaningful and impactful engagement on our various platforms, we are constantly connecting with an upwardly mobile, urban and aspirational audience that strives for excellence. we are happy to promote your business to our fellow homegrown community.

Let’s promote your business!


HOMEGROWN Radio began broadcasting on 16th December 2020, since then, we’ve been curating the perfect playlists and authentic radio swagger to boost your mood and creativity for your work from home lifestyle, workout, or connection time with relatable jams and customised content, no matter the time of day.

HOMEGROWN Radio presents its team of talented future Queens and Kings of the airwaves 24 hours daily on www.homegrownradio.co.za with live programming running on weekdays from 08h00 until 20h00 and on weekends between 09h00 – 18h00

Do you want to build your brand awareness online using digital tools anchored on relevant and engaging content?

Why partner with HOMEGROWN?

HOMEGROWN RADIO is a proudly African broadcaster that broadcasts LIVE from HOMEGROWN Farm in Centurion, South Africa with a keen focus on agriculture, entrepreneurship, youth development and Africa. We offer a platform for in-depth discussions, edutainment and entertainment. 

What does HOMEGROWN offer you as an advertising partner?

At HOMEGROWN we offer an integrated solution for brands, businesses, people and products who wish to ‘PLUG’ and ‘AMPLIFY’ their existence.


PLUG = Promoting and selling your product to our audience and other potential clients.

AMPLIFY = Boosting your brand visibility by increasing the distribution of your authentic brand statement using multiple efforts. 

Depending on our clients needs, HOMEGROWN offers an array of services including: 

  • Podcasts
  • Mobile Radio Broadcasting
  • Promoting businesses on all our media platforms for maximum exposure 
  • Content creation around business products or services.  
  • Conceptualisation
  • Campaign execution 
  • Multi-media content creation
  • Multi-stream online distribution
  • Campaign evaluation and impact reporting
  • Brand exposure to our social media audience of over 3 million
  • Discounted packages on long-term commitments
  • Radio interview
  • Radio advert
  • Promo video’s
  • Live Reads

If you are a local start-up looking for affordable exposure, we are HOMEGROWN for you.