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Ntando Shabalala speaks with radio professional Martin Vilakazi about his radio journeys how to start a radio station, advertising and radio today.
Mr Vilakazi is the former station manager at Metro FM and is radio lecturer at WITS university.
He is the founder of www.radio101.co.za and a friend of HOMEGROWN Radio
Enjoy the conversation and the knowledge.


@ntando24 sat down with Martin Vilakazi and had a chat about where radio is today. Martin highlights that radio has definitely evolved and that radio is an adaptable medium. #homegrownradio #radio #radiotoday #broadcasting


There are a couple of things to put into consideration before starting your own radio station. Firstly you must know what type of radio station you want and then do the following steps which Martin Vilakazi discusses in this video. #homegrownradio #radio #broadcasting


Martin Vilakazi discusses how radio advertisers have had to move with the times and recognize the evolution of radio. #homegrownradio #radio #broadcasting


Martin Vilakazi discusses his radio journey. How he got introduced to radio at a young age, a story similar to a lot of our childhood stories. We can all recall a time where we used to listen to stories on radio with our grandparents and how much fun that was for the entire family. Martin also tells us the reason he wanted to be in the radio space. #homegrownradio #radio #broadcasting #communityradio