Smartmaid is an app that provides you with convenience for any of your household tasks, it connects you to a service provider, be it a housekeeper, babysitter or an Au Pair.

The aim of this app is to not only provide you convenience in getting the best service provider, but this app also provides employment for a number of people, therefore providing income that is needed in a lot of households especially in these trying times.

Smartmaid is a division of Affluence Oak which was developed to create employment using advanced technology. Smartmaid launched in Johannesburg, South Africa on the 1st of August in 2020. Since it’s launch in South Africa, it has now successfully launched in Lagos, Nigeria.

The aim is to have this informal sector recognized as a professional service across the continent and to the world.
The App is very easy to use and is also very safe. The necessary background checks are prioritized to ensure the safety of both the customer and the service provider.

The service providers are well trained and they go through police clearance checks twice a year.
Smartmaid aims to provide you with top tier service.