by Arlynn Morris

My name is Arlynn Morris, I was born in Pretoria, and spent my high school years in Hong Kong.

My connection to radio is my love for music. I love the process of sharing music and showing people what you think is cool and maybe they find it just as cool as you.

Besides house and kwaito music I personally find that radio doesn’t tend to focus as much on music discovery anymore and I feel passionate about that subject

In my opinion, the reason we tend to keep on loving radio and the reason it has lasted this long is because it’s pure.

There’s no distraction, no glitz and glam, its pure conversation, pure entertainment, pure quality. Listeners are truly listening, and when you have something as fully engaging as that it’s hard for any sort of update or change in technology to knock that house off of its strong foundation. Another reason radio lasts this long is because of the relationship that a listener builds with the presenter.

As a radio presenter grows, taking on more mature topics, their opinions and way of thinking changes and listeners stick along with the whole ride.

It creates a sense of family, almost like watching your child become an adult and grow into their full self. It creates for a sense of vested interest, and you see listeners change radio stations because of a host or a DJ that they like, and it is this relationship between entertainer and the entertained that has helped radio to maintain such a strong presence in the media landscape.

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