One’s journey to success

I am Makhosazana Msibi, 28 years of age, born and bred in Carolina, Mpumalanga. I am a BA Psychology Graduate and I currently hold a Post-Graduate Diploma in Educational Management. I am the Founder and CEO of Zamandlondlo Holdings, I am also the Founder and Chairperson of an NPO called YMCGO in Carolina-Mpumalanga, hence I am a mentor to many. I am currently promoting myself as an MC & an Event Organiser and a Public Speaker. I am a Philanthropist at heart, currently I serve as a Music Researcher Volunteer on Rise FM, Mpumalanga. I am an Executive Secretary at my URCSA Congregation, Carolina. I am a former manager to DJ Soniq. I refer to myself as a Radio Guru, I have been invited for live radio interviews at on Ligwalagwala FM, Rise FM and VOC FM and I look forward to achieving my dream in the radio or media industry.

As per our rendered topic, “One’s journey to success” it is true that one cannot just wake up and be successful. Life has its own surprises and it can never be confirmed, the same goes for the successful life we all aspire to have, from high school, after tertiary and post tertiary. Let alone everything, one’s journey to success is never easy and it can never be compared to another being’s success.

One’s journey to success comes with its own challenges, some become successful at a young age and some become successful later in their adulthood. The big question here would be, why? Is it because of the choices and privileges we get to experience as beings? Well… it one difficult question to answer. I guess it all boils down to God’s Faith and the opportunities that present themselves at a particular time, which also goes for God’s Faith in approving one’s success. Hence most of us believe that life is a journey and when it time it is definitely time to achieve all your hearts desires and shine.

Although the point made here may be challenged by some because other beings believe that “money is the master of one’s success, hence it is also said that money makes the world go round”. Never the less everything just depends on one’s belief system and how we have been raised, hence societal pressures and influences are another angel to look at it.

Over and above everything, one’s journey to success is never easy because just when you think everything is going well… BOOM! Everything just gets shattered. Reference can be made from my very own journey to success, it has never been easy till this day. You can imagine all the dreams I still wish to achieve if God allows and the stepping hill I still need to go past to get where I wish to go, that alone tells you how one’s journey to success can unfold. The good part though is that through all the hardships I continue to remain consistent, determined and focused at all times towards pursuing my dreams, you can do the same too for yourself and you will definitely never go wrong.

Best of luck as you journey towards your success, it is possible!

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