Got Financial Game-Changing Tactics up your sleeve?

The ability to learn and adapt have been stated over and over again as the skills that are highly valuable in today’s economy. Reason? We live in a fast-changing world where change is the one thing you can be sure of.

And here you are, running a business of your own! A business that enables you to provide for yourself and your family, one that could possibly lead to financial freedom. A business that serves as a vehicle for making an impact. But hey, what makes you so sure that it will be amongst the ones that succeed? Why should YOUR business make it, especially if a whole lot is changing around you, customer needs included?

As much as change brings a lot of challenges, with it comes many different opportunities. Those who are prepared for the opportunities are more likely to survive and thrive, even better than those who are simply ready to shield themselves from change.

Your ability to adapt to change should not only focus on ‘staying relevant for survival’, it should be a ‘how can we exploit this opportunity’ drive!

These opportunities, at different stages of your business will require, amongst others, these 3 factors: 1. Skill set. Is your business equipped with the skills to be able to tackle new opportunities? If not, are you able to acquire or hire those skills timeously?  2. Right positioning. Is your business able to adapt quickly to new positions in the market, like how Vodacom, a network provider has become a financial services provider? and 3. Financial weight. New opportunities will need you to either change direction or expand. These actions require a great deal of financial acumen and insight. That being said, you may have the right skills, great positioning, but if you cannot manage the financial aspect of it all, you may rise, but are doomed to hit the ground faster than you can say ‘Financial Freedom!’

Understanding what financial skills you need in each stage if your business and acquiring those skills becomes imperative if you want to be counted amongst the great. The Financial Game Changer Programme for Business Owners is one programme that I recommend that helps you, the business owner, build a financial fortress for your business. The course teaches the fundamentals of making money, managing it and multiplying money. Each modules traches you how to collaborate different business aspects such as branding, sales, production and produce a financially viable business with a high chance success.

The Financial Game Changer programme is open for registration. Register now and get a free Financial Toolkit (For budgeting, bookkeeping and Financial Statements generator, Worth R1500)

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– Amanda Baloyi