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Leadership 2020 and Penny Lebeyane groom kids about radio fearlessly.

This month Leadership 2020 and Penny Lebeyane embarks on a journey to teach kids between the ages of 7-15 about radio talent.

On the 10th April 2021, at the HomeGrownFarm was the first day the kids class who had signed up for the course joined in with their parents on a tour at the farm to familiarize themselves with the space and place of facilitation, who knew that radio could be taught on a farm? Well this is what makes The Kids Edition so exciting as a natural environment helps one stay fresh, authentic and business minded in the agricultural space. The kids have stories to tell and content to create for the world to see. The course provides skills in radio presenting, tv training, interview techniques, content, research, script writing, confidence, personality and talent. As the kids enjoyed their time in radio space at the HomeGrownFarm where the HomeGrownRadio studio is based, mics were switched on and kids would hear themselves, they were amazed and felt like they were in a different world. They knew that they were about to create content as few started conversations with Penny Lebeyane about what the equipment was for in the studio minds got blown away ideas flew in of what they can do. As we are still in the Easter season, there was a egg hunt that took place, this activity helped kids search and find things most off all to work in teams. Team work makes dream work, personalities were exchanged.

We are all born with talents, but the talent of communication, presenting and articulation is quite rare in kids, well they have been discovered and they are mentored by Keanu Buys and Maureen Ngobeni who are graduates from Leadership2020 I was born to speak on radio class of 2020, they have had an amazing experience since they have joined the course and now present at HomeGrownRadio. The two leaders have shown their love for educating others and their love for kids hence they are facilitators of the I WAS BORN TO SPEAK ON RADIO The Kids Editions, with their knowledge of the radio presenting, hosting events and working with people from all fascists of life they stay authentic to talent and personality, this is what the kids need.

The partnership with Penny Lebeyane and Leadership 2020 for the program enhances the opening up of the industry to the youth and now younger kids with Penny Lebeyane being a mother, a veteran in the radio since the age of 17 it puts a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience into the program.

Does your kid have what it takes to become the next superstar ? Well we are looking for the next Penny Lebeyane and DjSbu. Sign up at www.leadership2020.co.za I WAS BORN TO SPEAK ON RADIO The Kids Edition and help your kids discover their hidden talents which will teach them discipline and work ethic for the future.