is a creative art gallery that exhibits and sells African contemporary artwork created by emerging and mid-career artists. The goal is to promote the artists work by making it affordable and easier for people to discover. Karen Tearnan Cullinan, who is the CEO and founder of shed some light on what drives and inspires her to do her work. She spoke of how art is spiritual and how she does not offer the viewer any conclusions. She “resonates with the belief that it is through the act of creating, that we become a vehicle for that which is greater than ourselves”.

The opening of the exhibition Encounters by Andrew Ntshabele at 

Besides selling artwork in-store, the gallery has a strong sense of digital online presence, which has an e-commerce platform that broadens the landscape of artists that they work with, giving them a global experience. On Saturday 3rd April, we were invited to an amzing  showcase of artwork featuring rising and already established artists.

The HOMEGROWN Radio Team had the honour of experiencing the solo exhibition “Encounters” by Andrew Ntshabele. With an environment filled with vibrance and good energy, the team also used the day to create content, interview various artists such as Teboho Makoatsa, Andrew Ntshabele and Karen Tearnan Cullinan, and many more.

CEO OF Karen Cullinan
with Keanu ‘Major Key’ Buys from HOMEGROWN Radio 

Lynette Van Tonder, who is also an artist, walked the team through the Captcha Colour Exhibition, talking about what each piece means. She is a full- time visual artist who also inspires people through her work and one of her outstanding pieces include the “Ambient African Whirl Wind”.

An amazing day filled with good music, company and good vibes, guest speaker Sbusiso Leope also known as “Dj Sbu” shared some motivation as he said, “African Child, now its your time”, taking in the beautiful art that surrounds him and embracing African Contemporary Art. 

HOMEGROWN Radio’s Thato Immaculate and Sir Smats
out at Artyli conversation over content

Art is indeed an expression of the soul and art is something that inspires poets, readers and writers. Passion is not only something that is seen, but something that is felt. These African Artists are inspired by the ordinary lives of people and aim to uplift communities through their work. 

Visit and learn more about the selction of art available for sale, alternatively pay them a visit in johannesburg at Stanley Studios in Milpark.