Human Rights

March 10,2021 (By Kagiso Mosehle)

A right is belonged to every person, the basic rights and freedoms. Our human rights are inherent this is regardless of our race, nationality, language, sex or any other status.

We have the right to enjoyment.

The right to life, equality before the law and freedom of expression, the right to work,social security, education and the right to development and self-determination. In this world we are living in as it keeps evolving, it is of utter importance that we keep up with respecting one another, not belittling anyone and understanding each other’s backgrounds. Our country has been blessed with 11 official languages and as much as we are different according to our languages, we all share the same human rights and we are all human. It is all about believing in yourself, controlling what happens to your own body and making medical decisions for ourselves, the right to the pursuit of happiness. In all of the rights, the key is respect, motho ke motho ka batho (A person is a person because of other people) humanity will make us live longer and we do not need to make each other suffer.

“Humanitarian work isn’t criminal nor is it heroic. Helping others should be normal.”