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on Saturday, 30th October 2021for a fresh spring morning outing at HOMEGROWN Farm in Centurion, South Africa.

We invite you to experience a FREELY HOMEGROWN LIFESTYLE at HOMEGROWN Farm.



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We develop Kids to be the best communicators,
meet some of the future Queens and Kings of the airwaves and future leaders.


Where creativity meets art and HOMEGROWN Talent, check out the fresh artistic talent and be entertained.


Africas Gift to Its Tribe, The Home of HOMEGROWN Radio. Meet Fez the farmer as she guides you around our farm.

HOMEGROWN Radio Gallery

HOMEGROWN Radio plays a mix of African music from across the globe with the goal of representing the continent both at home and across the diaspora.

Broadcasting from HOMEGROWN Farm in South Africa HOMEGROWN Radio features 100 percent fresh new talent on the air. All of the HOMEGROWN Radio team are graduating students from a 12 part radio course designed to open up access to the media industry for radio enthusiasts.

HOMEGROWN Radio offers in depth discussions on opportunities for the development of youth in Africa, with a keen focus on sustainability, education and entrepreneurship, HOMEGROWN Radio represents a family of dedicated Africans who are building and preparing for the future using radio and integrated media tools to entertain, inform and educate a digitally cross wired and interlinked audience.

With the passion for talent and personal development, HOMEGROWN Radio began broadcasting on 16th December 2020. Since then, we’ve been curating the perfect playlists and authentic radio swagger to boost your mood and creativity for your work from home lifestyle, work out, or connection time with relatable jams and customised content, no matter the time of day!

Featuring some of the newest and hottest African  artists as well as the legends, you can trust that HOMEGROWN Radio is your #1 spot for HOMEGROWN music, HOMEGROWN thoughts and  HOMEGROWN conversation from the continent 24/7.
Need some fresh authentic African radio swagger in your life?
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